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Disclaimer: Herbal Fiberblend is a supplement and we make no claims to cure any diseases. The opinions expressed her are those of the author.

It’s a fact! We all age. When I was around 30, I studied physical immortality, or the concept that you can live forever. While this is a nice thought, I have watched my Gurus grow old, albeit more slowly than the general population. It led me to investigate what makes people sick and what you can do to slow down the deterioration of your body.

I see so many people out there with Diabetes, Arthritis, Mental Issues, and then of course there are the two killers – heart disease and cancer. As soon as you label something as a disease, you are not allowed to talk about anything as a possible cure, which makes it really difficult to say anything. Big brother is watching and a few people have been bankrupted for speaking out. Diseases are the domain of medical Doctors and the Pharmaceutical Giants who train them. Doctors are bound by duty of care regulations to recommend only “proven” cures, endorsed by their governing bodies. Go outside of the “norm” and you lose your licence to practice.

Fortunately, a wellness approach doesn’t require resorting to diseases and cures. When you look after yourself correctly, the labels become irrelevant. I consider myself fortunate, in that I discovered some great tips many years ago which have led me to being in great shape now, even though I am far from perfect in my food choices.

The root of this idea is the concept of the healthy cell. Ultimately the cell is the building block of the body, so it is logical if you look after each cell, you will be healthy! Focusing on the needs of the cells of your body will provide extraordinary dividends in terms of wellness levels.


There has been a lot of emphasis on exercise as the key to weight loss and good health. While weight loss/gain is related to how many calories you burn vs how many you consume, there is a distorted view of the effects of exercise. There are plenty of fit overweight people around to testify to this. Visit your local gym or fitness center and you can see them.

Coca Cola recently was exposed for providing millions of dollars to fund research into the effects of exercise on weight loss and health. This money was directed to those companies who ignored the nutritional side of the equation. Obviously this company sells foods high in sugar that are highly addictive. They disrupt body systems, leading too inadequate processing of food and therefore potential weight gain and loss of vitality. This happens over time.

Exercise is essential to good health as it enables your lymphatic system to do its job. It is not a substitute for diet however. Both are important for vital health.


There is a saying, “you are what you eat”, and to a large extent this is true. Alkalinity is how acidic your body is. It can be measured using pH strips. If your body is more acidic, you are more susceptible to diseases, particularly cancer. You will find that those who are ill often have an acidic level of pH below 6.0. To increase alkalinity requires some action and change of diet. First, reduce the dependence on acid forming foods. Soft drinks or soda pop top the list with 30% or more sugar. You can add to that most energy drinks and processed food. We are not saying to stop taking these, but to reduce the portion of nutrition from these sources. For myself, at one stage I drank a carton of Coca Cola a week. Discovering what it did to my body, I gradually reduced this to the point where now I rarely drink any carbonated drinks at all. My 10 year old daughter who has not been exposed to these drinks hates them.

Alkalinity can also be improved through supplementation. For me, whole food is the best way to achieve this. Barley Life is an excellent product for this purpose. Made from the juice of young Barley plants, over time it will raise your pH while providing a broad range of nutrients. This is not expensive and you can get your daily portion for around $1 a day.

The other side of the equation is removing toxins from the body. Our water supplies often contain heavy metals and other toxins. The same can be said for the air we breathe. Certain foods have more highly concentrated levels, including most seafood. The issue here is that toxins accumulate. Our bodies are not designed to eliminate them properly. How do I know this? From my own personal experience and from that of thousands I have introduced detoxing to who tell me of their results. Main stream medicine says detox is a waste of time. They would rather have you dependent on medications, which in themselves can increase toxicity. It is a vicious trap, often leading to permanent disability and dependency. More people are addicted to medications than recreational drugs.

I recommend detoxification. Herbal Fiberblend will get the rubbish out of your colon and restore your elimination system to great shape. A poorly functioning colon is the trigger for all sorts of health issues. By restoring it to good order, you can ease the burden on your immune system. My history with this product goes back 20 years. It coincided with weaning off sugary drinks.


Your immune system is a complex group of body functions that work silently to keep you healthy. There are over 260 classes of cells in the system, and they require a wide range of nutrients to support proper function. You may have read that supressing the immune system, or indeed boosting it, can cause health issues or aggravate existing conditions. When your immune system receives the correct nutritional support, it will modulate to the optimum level for your body. As it happens according to the Harvard Medical School, it is complex and very few products supply what your immune system needs. You will find that a daily serving of Barley Life Xtra which contains some 18 fruits and vegetables in addition to a healthy serving of Barley Life will help maintain immunity, preventing illness.


While what we have listed here isn’t everything required for a healthy life, these are simple steps you can take to ensure you live a long healthy life.

Herbal Fiberblend and Barley Life contribute to your longevity and vitality.

Additional information on Herbal Fiberblend

First, as an herbal product, Herbal Fiberblend is not freely available in all countries. You can purchase Herbal Fiberblend for delivery from warehouses in the USA, Canada, South Africa, New Zealand and Australia. Herbal Fiberblend capsules are not directly available in Australia but if you join us as a member, we can show you how to obtain them directly at the best price. Direct delivery from the company is restricted, depending on where you live, so you may have to contact us for more information on your part of the world.

Herbal Fiberblend Capsules

Herbal Fiberblend Capsules are essentially the powder contained in gelatine capsules. It works out more expensive than using the powdered form, but eliminates any taste issues. For some people they are not used to the bitter taste of herbs, and although Herbal Fiberblend is not particularly pungent, it does not contain and sweeteners, natural or artificial. Teresa Schumaker, who formulated Herbal Fiberblend, recommends the powder as the best form to take, particularly if you are in poor health.

Side Effects

Some wonder about the side effects of Herbal Fiberblend. For most there are none, except that over time you will notice changes in bowel movements and you own health. Often there is a natural loss of weight after using the product for a few weeks, and there can be a parasite cleanse take place in a few days.

Do not expect to have an instant urge to go to the toilet. This is not a laxative, but a bulking formula which stimulates the body’s natural elimination processes, rather than irritate the nerves. Many people fear that if they use Fiberblend in the morning and go to work, they will spend the day on the toilet. This is very unlikely and you will find you can live a normal life! As most people’s bowels take 3-5 days to fully process food, it may take a while for eliminations to become more regular. Eventually you are looking for at least a daily bowel evacuation. The suggested tome from ingestion of food to elimination of waste is 24 hours, and believe it or not, once your systems are working efficiently this is achievable for everyone.

It may be that your bowel takes some time to adjust to the change in routine. Often people have parasites lurking in the bowel for years, zapping their energy and making them feel tired. These can also cause a bloating of the abdomen. When these parasites are eliminated, using a number of the herbs in the Herbal Fiberblend ingredients, you can have a very rapid loss in waste size and weight. This is pretty exciting for many people who have not been able to lose weight.

If you find that elimination does not improve, it may be that you suffer from nerves or anxiety. These affect your bowel’s ability to relax and allow it to work properly. In this case Composure can be added to relax the bowel. The combination of Composure and Herbal Fiberblend can make a real difference.


There are 19 different herbs in the formulation. Each was selected by trial and error to make the best possible combination of ingredients and portions. One of the secrets of success here is the ratios of each ingredient so they work together to give a vastly superior result than if you were to use each ingredient independently.

The herbs and their benefits are;

  • Alfalfa – Medicago sativa – Relieves constipation and reduces cholesterol
  • Black walnut hulls – Juglans nigra – Reduces intestinal parasites and improves bowel movement
  • Capsicum – (fruit) – Promotes cleansing of the circulatory and digestive systems; regulates blood pressure
  • Cascara sagrada – Rhamnus purshiana – Acts as a laxative, stimulating evacuation from the bowels; promotes peristaltic action (muscular contractions in the digestive system)
  • Hibiscus flower – Hibiscus sabdariffa – Lubricates the intestinal tract
  • Irish moss – Chondrus crispus – Helps form bulky stools
  • Licorice root – Glycyrrhiza glabra – Acts as an antiinflammatory and antispasmodic
  • Marshmallow root – Althaea officinalis – Acts as a mucilage, a sticky substance with adhesive qualities
  • Mullein – Verbascum thapsus – Soothes stomach cramps
  • Oatstraw – Avena sativa – Soothes stomach cramps
  • Passionflower – Passiflora incarnata – Calms the nervous system and soothes an irritable bowel
  • Psyllium – Plantago ovata – Helps form bulky stools and softens stools; is a natural source of fiber; removes excess cholesterol
  • Pumpkin seeds – Cucurbita pepo – Expels parasites Rose hips – (fruit) – Has a calming effect to reduce stress; helps fight infection
  • Senna (capsules only) – Senna alexandria – Acts as a laxative, stimulating evacuation from the bowels; promotes peristalsis
  • Shavegrass – Equisetum arvense – Expels parasites
  • Slippery elm bark – Ulmus rubra – Acts as a mucilage, a sticky substance with adhesive qualities
  • Violet – Viola odorata – Cleanses and expels parasites
  • Witch hazel – Hamamelis virginiana – Acts as a mucilage, a sticky substance with adhesive qualities
  • Yucca – Yucca schidigera/Yucca brevifolia – Acts as a laxative, stimulating evacuation from the bowels

Benefits of Herbal Fiberblend

These are benefits listed on the official company website.

  • Helps maintain regular bowel movements
  • Detoxifies—removes toxins from the body
  • Helps maintain healthy cholesterol and blood sugar levels
  • Fiber may reduce incidences of diverticulosis,
    colon cancer, and appendicitis

As with all natural products, benefits are limited to those that are allowed by the government. We have seen that when the colon is functioning correctly after using Herbal Fiberblend for some time, it relieves inflammation in the body. Inflammation is the root cause of all disease as it means your body is out of balance. We are meant to eliminate toxins and process food intake in balance. Our immune system is in charge of all this. When the elimination process breaks down, it affects immunity due to toxins being reabsorbed through the bowel wall, and eventually leads to some sort of illness as body systems are compromised or fail.

Every now and then we see reports on the media of amazing discoveries of things that have been known for decades or even centuries, For instance they discovered people who live near a main road are more likely to get Dementure. This is obvious. The lead and benzene alone in automotive exhaust are know to cause these issues over time. Generally when some research is produced stating the obvious, it is shortly followed by the announcement of some new medication that is supposed to eliminate the issue. So much research these days is tied up with marketing that it is really difficult to separate fact from fiction.

Success Stories.

Here are a few of the success stories from people who have used Herbal Fiberblend.

Disclaimer: Herbal Fiberblend is a supplement and we make no claims to cure any diseases. The stories below are those of individuals. Results may vary from person to person.

“Abdominal pain from surgery gone!”

“Every time I sneezed, my stomach used to hurt.  A CAT scan showed that there was a hole in my belly, so I had umbilical hernia surgery, which included a mesh to fill up the hole.  After this, I still did not feel right.  I had abdominal pain on the right side where the procedure was done.  My general surgeon prescribed an intravenous CAT scan, and all the results were negative.  I then had an ultrasound and a gall bladder sonogram, which all came back negative too.

In the search for answers, I came across a nutritionist who prescribed Herbal Fiberblend and AIM Garden Trio.  I began taking them on Wednesday and slept through the night with no pain.  To my amazement, I lifted myself out of bed on Thursday morning with no pain and even put on a pair of jeans.  I have felt no pain since”  Joanne Golden (courtesy of AIM’s Living Well magazine)

“I lost over 30 kgs with Herbal Fiberblend”

“In preparing for back surgery, I was advised to lose some weight.  On the recommendation of a friend, I joined AIM. There was one product in particular I wished to try, Herbal Fiberblend.

I credit this product with helping me lose more than 30 kgs.  I feel incredible.  My self confidence is up, the weight loss is evident, I have more energy, my diabetes medicine has been cut in half, I am less depressed.  I feel the best I have in 20 years.

Thanks so much AIM for making such a quality product.  I am looking forward to using it the rest of my life.  I am also looking forward to a much more active social life now that I am feeling better.  It’s wonderful”  Henry Litt (courtesy of AIM’s Living Well magazine)

“Sharp chest pains gone with Herbal Fiberblend”

“The number one product that has made a huge difference for me over the years is AIM Herbal Fiberblend.  I was diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome after never understanding what was wrong with me.  After starting on Herbal Fiberblend about nine years ago, I started noticing that my more serious symptoms were going away.  I used to have sharp chest pains that I now know were directly linked to my digestive problems.  I no longer have those pains”  Amy Houston (courtesy of AIM’s Living Well magazine)

If you are suffering from a slow colon transit time, bloating, lack of energy or excess weight, it is definitely worth checking out Herbal Fiberblend as it may just be what you are searching for.