AIM Products

The AIM Companies have been providing Herbal and Plant based nutrition for over 35 years. Their main products are powdered vegetable juices with maximum nutrient retention and the renowned Herbal Fiberblend for detoxing the body and colon. Additional products meet specific needs or enhance your sports performance and well being.

Here is a list of products available in Australia.

All prices are Wholesale.

Product Price Order
Herbal Fiberblend
Simply the best
Colon Cleansing Product
Flavour :
 Barley Life
Young Barley Leaves
juiced fresh for
maximum nutrients.
 Garden Trio
Barley Life, Carrot and Beet powder
The perfect Juicing Combination
Without the mess.
Contains a special blend of
three powerful friendly bacteria
L. gasseri, B. bifidum and B. longum.
Made from Apline Wild Garlic
Contains vital peptides, flavonoids,
and fructanes for improved health
 Cocoa Leaf Greens
Delivers the luscious taste and
antioxidants of cocoa alongside
five types of green leaf
juice powders