Superstrength Bear Paw Garlic

AIM Bear Paw Garlic™

This product is made from 100% alpine wild garlic found in central Europe. Contains active substances not found in common garlic as the leaves are cultivated rather than the bulbs.


  • May assist in maintaining peripheral blood circulation
  • Promotes general well-being
  • It is odourless after digestion

Wild Alpine Garlic is a whole-leaf garlic…not a bulb garlic, and contains up to 20 times more of the active ingredients found in common garlic products. It is naturally odourless when ingested. It has twice the effectiveness against heart arrhythmia’s (irregular beats). Contains twice the content of “ACE” inhibitors (for lowering stress). Protects against free radicals. Used by bears to rebuild strength and immune system after their hibernation…hence its name.

Studies have shown that garlic can neutralise the toxic effects of various chemicals and heavy metals such as cadmium, lead and mercury. Normally heavy metals cause the red blood cells to lyse (break down). Yet even small quantities of garlic prevented this! Dr. Sam Wong of Hawaii in tests found that garlic facilitated the elimination of mercury from his patients’ systems…leading to detoxification, which task is usually performed by the liver. Japanese investigators showed that the garlic protects against liver cell damage…in doing the very tough job of getting all toxins out of the body. Dr G Gordon M. D. , director of MineraLab, Inc., USA, says that garlic ties up heavy metals in the GI tract and removes them in larger amounts than usual.

Dentist Dr K. Livingstone of California , found in a Health Assessment Program, along with other dentists, that the mercury levels in his urine were one fifteenth of his fellow dentists…and even lower than a person in the street…all because of his daily garlic supplementation. Professor Hans Reuter reported garlic helps to clear fat from the arteries, gives lower cholesterol levels and kills bacteria. Dr R. Jain M. D. thinks garlic can prevent atherosclerotic formation in arteries and offset the usual occurrence of blood vessel hardening found among Westerners.

Antibacterial and anti-fungal. It reduces LDL (bad) cholesterol and reduces blood plasma lipids (fats) by up to 50%. Counteracts arteriosclerosis. Reduces hypoglycemia. Reduces platelet aggregation (clumping). Improves blood pressure quite remarkably. People suffer less fatigue, anxiety and depression.

In fact Bear Paw is  another ANTI-STRESS aid as it lowers the action of the stress hormones and so works beautifully with our COMPOSURE. A person under stress tires easily, becomes depressed, lacks motivation and is often filled with fear. Make sure you feed your body ANTI-STRESS supplements…on a daily basis! Bear Paw Garlic cleans the blood and makes the eyes sparkle.



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