Cell Wellness Restorer


(Cell Wellness Restorer)

CWR is a unique and outstanding product…no one else has this product! Dr. Norman Shealy MD, PhD, is a world expert in pain management, and he raves about it’s ability to remove all sorts of pain.  Dr. Shealy states, “All illness is stress-induced, and what I found is that a magnesium deficiency and, subsequent to that, low levels of the hormone DHEA are the major physiological principles of stress-induced illness.  He says, “Everyone is magnesium deficient…I also believe that the magnesium acts as a catalyst to stimulate DHEA production…These two substances, the mineral magnesium and the hormone DHEA, are integral in safeguarding our health.”

The great news is that our CWR raises the levels of both these items in our bodies! CWR is either rubbed on your body, say before bed, or you add about 60 ml to a hot bath or into a footbath and soak for at least 20 minutes. Do this daily or a couple of times a week. Basically, CWR is desalinated seawater, which is subjected to special and proprietary energizing influences. Epsom salts cannot be compared with the effectiveness of CWR.

DHEA is heralded as the “Youth Hormone”, but is very difficult to get an effective and safe form of supplementation. Magnesium is also notoriously difficult to supplement effectively. CWR is now your easy solution. Chiropractor, Dr. Robert Goodman, states, “For 24 years I have searched for a product, method, or technique, that would reverse the ‘drying up’ condition we call aging.” Dr. Goodman feels CWR is the answer to his search. He says it is one of  “the most amazing natural remedies I have ever tried or tested…a combination of advanced scientific technology and re-discovered ancient wisdom.” He talks about reports from his patients that included such benefits as…immediate pain relief…relief from chronic arthritic pain …better sleep…increased flexibility…improved immune function…more youthful appearance…softer looking skin…less wrinkles…relief from psoriasis (Ruth Wagner, AIM member, “After using just one bottle of Cell Wellness Restorer, my psoriasis has improved immensely”) and other skin problems…increased energy…removal of cellulite…lower blood pressure.  Karen Purnhagen, AIM member, had help with Multiple Sclerosis: after three days she no longer needed her scooter!

Finally, Dr. Shealy has stated, “I feel we could do more for the health of the world than anything we can imagine by raising magnesium and DHEA levels… supplementation with CWR will arrest the aging process…a little slows it, more stops it, and enough will reverse it”!   What else out there in the market place can do this?