Garden Trio Complete Vegetable Juice Combination


( Total Body Care )

Juicing adds to the benefits of vegetables. Because juicing removes fibre, the important nutrients found in plants are absorbed, without too much effort on the part of the digestive system. Three juices form the core of an effective juicing program; a green juice, a carrot juice and a beet juice. This is the AIM Garden Trio™.

The perfect daily juicing program for all lifestyles. Restores and maintains Healthy Cells in the body. We need foods like the Garden Trio every day to balance the lack of nutrients and enzymes in the supermarket diet.  We have heard from Doctors who have used the Garden Trio to enable the bodies of patients to achieve a clear reading from conditions such as liver cancer! This is a most powerful cleansing and healing combination…and should be the basis for any long-term health program. You just cannot find a better health-kit on the planet…it may be argued that this Trio is better than juicing as the vegetable juices contained here are many times concentrated in order to create the powder you get in the jar…not to speak of the convenience!