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 “Everyone Can Benefit From A Herbal Colon Cleanse And Hundreds of Thousands Use Herbal Fiberblend As Their Preferred Choice For Cleansing”

Herbal Fiberblend is a mixture of herbs, available in Australia, New Zealand, USA and Canada, and is not a substitute for a Doctor’s care, nor do we make any claims to cure, mitigate or treat disease. Natural Health dictates that cleansing the colon of toxins allows the body to heal and repair itself.

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The following article explains how this product works, results of others, and why you will benefit from it.

 Cleansing the Body and the Colon for a Happier and Healthier You


AIM Herbal Fiberblend

“How to safely remove and treat Parasites, Chemicals, Impacted Wastes, Constipation and Diarrhoea”

Best Seller!

By Teresa Schumacher and Toni Schumacher Lund

Parasites – Another Missing Diagnosis?

Is it possible that you have undiagnosed nutrition-thieving worm parasites living in your encrusted intestinal tract?. There are about three hundred types of parasites thriving in America, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom today.

June Wilkes, PhD, and parasite expert notes: “Parasites are vermin that steal your food, drink your blood and leave their excrement in your body to be re-absorbed back into the blood stream”

It’s easy for people to get worms – pinworms, tapeworms, hookworms, ringworms, roundworms, and giardia Lamblia, the microscopic worms now pandemic in much of the United States and Australia.

“One of every four people in the world is infested by roundworms, which cause fever, cough and intestinal problems. A quarter of the world’s people have hookworms, which can cause anaemia and abdominal pain. A third of a billion people suffer from the abdominal pain and diarrhoea caused by whipworms”. Dolly Katz Miami Herald.

You can get worms by simply shaking hands with a world traveller!. You can get parasites from contact with pets, with children, with workers and food handlers in restaurants, from undercooked meats, or from eating raw fruit or vegetables that have parasite eggs embedded in them. Obviously, parasites are extremely catchable, and millions of us have them in our systems, robbing us, making us weak and making us sick. As many as seven varieties of parasites have been found in one person at one time.

If one person in the family has parasites, chances are the entire family has parasites to varying degrees. There isn’t much talk about it, but parasites may be more easily passed in sex practices than venereal disease.

According to researchers, the most common parasite among children in temperate climates such as Australia and the USA, is pinworm.

Crowding children in schools and day-care centres has been shown to increase the incidence of pinworm infection from the “normal” one in six, to approximately 90%.

Medical experts know there are two things that make an epidemic of parasites possible –IMPACTED, CLOGGED, SUGAR AND JUNK FILTHED COLONS AND INTESTINES, which provide the perfect place for worms of all sizes to thrive; and wide spread lack of sanitation.

Is there a chance you have a plaque-coated intestinal tract and parasites?. Billions of people today have intestinal parasites or worms, and these creatures cause a greater susceptibility to sickness and probably weight problems as well. Medical statistics are admittedly not accurate concerning intestinal parasites in the US, however, it is estimated that more than 80% of the population may be infected.

Unhealthy Colon

Years of build up on the wall of the colon prevent the body from absorbing any good nutrients. Only poisons and toxins are released from the accumulated, compacted faecal matter on the wall of the colon.

HERBAL DIETARY FIBRE, found in AIM Herbal Fiberblend, softens and helps to eliminate this build up using a unique combination of herbs. A person may have a daily elimination but it only passes through the small opening in the colon, leaving the encrustment on the wall of the colon. This encrustment is hard and like a rubber tyre.

This build up over the years is the cause of many chronic illnesses.

AIM Herbal Fiberblend Testimonials – Illnesses Vanish

“Today in my 60th year, my health is the best it has ever been. Obviously, with a statement like that, my health has not always been good. The poor health conditions I had in September 1988 are shown below.

  • Sinusitis – constant nasal drainage

  • Asthma – occasional difficulty breathing

  • Tonsillitis – perpetual sore throat

  • Bronchitis – air passage infection

  • Oesophageal spasm – difficulty swallowing

  • Gastritis – two dozen Digel everyday

  • Colitis – alternate constipation and diarrhoea

  • Spastic Colon – lower back pain

  • Haemorrhoids – protruding half inch with every bowel movement

  • Bowel Movement Haemorrhaging – squirting raw blood with every bowel movement

  • Arthritis – knees, elbows and fingers hurt and stiff.

  • Bursitis – Lumbago, Rheumatism – shoulders hurt

  • Gout – right foot swollen two sizes wider than left

  • Boils – arms with many small boils-large pimples

  • Migraine Headaches – frequent and severe

That’s quite a list. I have eliminated or minimised all of them without prescribed medication. The AMA identifies many of these symptoms as “Irritable Bowel Syndrome”. According to the AMA Home Medical Encyclopedia, (c 1989), “the cause is not understood and their is no cure”.

I removed eight pounds of residual, putrefied, petrified food and waste material and parasites from my digestive system. I filled the toilet four times a day for eight weeks with stuff I had never seen before. It looked like three inch long by a quarter of an inch 80 wedges from an automobiles black, hard rubber radiator hose – or automobile tyre chunks.

Eliminate this foul material and the body will correct its “Irritable Bowel Syndrome”. Food particles had progressively coated and clogged my small intestine microvilli since I took my first meal. Nourishment could not get through this impacted toxic roofing tar-like layer. My micovilli were passing toxins from the spoiled particles to my blood. My body was being starved and poisoned at the same time because the microvilli could not function as intended. Waste was not eliminated. My microvilli were at least 95% contrafunctional.

HERBAL DIETARY FIBRE removed the accumulated particles from my digestive system. This thorough cleaning restored my small intestine functions. Toxins continue to be removed from every cell in my body. Pharmacy laxatives and popular high-fibre foods do not have the cleaning power required to remove this compacted, toxic sludge. This product has allowed my body to heal itself.


The booklet Cleansing the Body for a Happier and Healthier You by Teresa Schumacher and Toni Schumacher Lund no doubt will enlighten you.

During the past 25 years as a practitioner, I have been formulating various medicinal preparations for numerous pharmaceutical and other institutions, as well as prescribing an untold number of formulas from different suppliers.

Yet, I have never encountered any other product as remarkable and having such dynamic results. This testimony is not high-powered sales talk or from glossy print. Verification of unbelievable results are forthcoming from patient portfolios from my own and other practitioner clinics. The results have been carefully documented and validated with photographs etc, etc.

The bottom line is simply that I am really wrapped with AIM Herbal Fiberblend and that you, as well as your family, will have the related benefits.

Rest assured in saying it with a good old Aussie colloquium – “You can’t go wrong mate”.

Dr Matt Willemse, PhD, Australia

Herbal Fiberblend Testimonials

Weight Loss

Over the years, we have received some wonderful testimonial letters from users of HERBAL DIETARY FIBRE. We have been so impressed with the results many have received and shared with us, that we would like to share a few of them with you.

“I started taking dietary fibre when it was in the testing stage. I was taking it to cleanse my colon and organs and rebuild my immune system. Without any thought of weight loss, I lost 30 pounds, mostly in my stomach area.

We have used herbs in my family for generations, and I have studied herbs and nutrition. My wife is a mid-wife and uses herbs with her clients. My wife has had chronic problems for years, and even with our herbal background, we had not been able to help it. Using HERBAL DIETARY FIBRE, it has diminished drastically.

Our entire family is on HERBAL DIETARY FIBRE. We are knowledgable in iridology and find it a joy to look into our children’s eyes and see improvement. We find this formula to be effective in may areas”. M.S


Dear Teresa,

“I had been taking capsulated herbs and vitamins for years. I know HERBAL DIETARY FIBRE has saved us from complications that would have been worse than they were. My husband has eliminated two gallons of parasites, green rope and mucus. He lost 30 pounds in the stomach area. We had been using HERBAL DIETARY FIBRE for one year before my husband stopped eliminating parasites. His health has so much improved.

I have always had elimination problems, but did not know how to help myself. I used Milk of Magnesia for twenty years. I think it would be safe to say I have eliminated two gallons of black, green and yellow rope as hard as a rock. It is unbelievable what was in my body. With colon irrigation and HERBAL DIETARY FIBRE, I feel I have a new body.

My husband and I had different severe problems and we are so thankful to Teresa for guiding us through them. I hope we can help others as we have been helped”.


Chronic Constipation

“I am a 35 year old lady who has recently been diagnosed with a “Twisted Colon” by Dr Wegman of Sydney Gastro-intestinal Diseases.

Ever since I was a child I have suffered chronic constipation, often going up to seven days between eliminations; laxatives became an essential part of my life. I suffered from chronic lethargy, poor concentration, haemorrhoids, and became very overweight, all the time knowing something was very wrong but not knowing what.

A kind friend introduced me to a vegetarian diet which was initially a tremendous help, however, as the years passed I found I needed more and more fruit to stay regular and became frustrated that with eating a virtually 75% raw diet. I still experienced pain, gas and constipation. Back to laxatives I went.

About a month ago I discovered HERBAL DIETARY FIBRE, which has made an incredible difference to my whole life. I now visit the toilet at least twice a day, I can eat foods other than just fruit and raw vegetables, (although this is still the best 75%) without dread of pain, and do not have the bloated feeling all the time. Such is the difference in me, I am a more happy, vibrant person and I enjoy life a whole lot more than before.

I would recommend HERBAL DIETARY FIBRE to anyone who is interested in managing their health, whether they are already ill or not. I understand why it is important to keep my body clean and will happily take your product for the rest of my life”.

D Martin NSW

The building process begins when correct, life-giving attitudes and habits take over. We can regenerate the body when we have clean tissues that are able to assimilate all the nutrients that we need from the foods we eat. Coffee and doughnuts will not do the job; sugar and white bread won’t either. If old habits are not given up, only temporary “flash” results will be experienced.

We need to remember Rome was not built in a day, nor are the dividends of effective bowel management always evident immediately. Developing proper elimination is half the job.

We hope that you will make HERBAL DIETARY FIBRE a part of your nutritional program.

Case Study

From the x-ray, traced the condition of the colon only. Was not interested in the small intestines nor other organs.

This man began using HERBAL DIETARY FIBRE November 1990. These tracings taken of his x-rays show the changes that occurred in his colon over approximately a 15 month period.

Many people have taken HERBAL DIETARY FIBRE and were so happy with the results, they did not want to stop. IT WOULD NOT HURT A PERSON TO STAY ON HERBAL DIETARY FIBRE FOR THE REST OF HIS OR HER LIFE. The herbs in HERBAL DIETARY FIBRE build the nervous system, activate the liver and gall bladder, provide good nutrients for the body giving you a feeling of calm and well being. If you are overweight, you may see a decrease in your weight. If you are underweight, you may put on weight. Your cleansing will normalise your body’s metabolism, and your weight will be adjusted by your body accordingly.

Recently a young man came to me with a serious colon blockage. He had been on water, juice fasts, and wheat grass without any results. He then took HERBAL DIETARY FIBRE for two weeks.

He experienced pain and discomfort, so he took a warm bath and gently massaged his colon. He was then able to pass the faecal matter that was causing the blockage. It was foul smelling and full of parasites. He could not dissolve his blockage merely with juices. He needed fibre, bulk and the proper combination of herbs. In time, with proper care and nutrition, the ballooning he had in his colon can be corrected.

Who Needs To Cleanse The Organs And The Colon?

Everyone who eats today’s food produces waste, some of which may remain on the colon wall. Mucus, which is secreted by all intestinal cells, can collect on the colon wall and accumulate, holding faecal matter. All this interferes with the proper functioning of the colon.

Can This Happen To You?

Yes!. Unfortunately, it can!. The all-American diet that relies on processed, frozen, canned and convenience foods, that have been prepared from modified food materials low in fiber and many nutrients, causes the bowel contents to move slowly, stagnate and collect on the colon wall where it becomes entrapped in mucus. This diet is now common in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, United Kingdom and other western countries.

We eat today’s foods and yet expect our digestive system to cope with it year after year. We load up on dairy foods that have been pasteurised, homogenised, and stripped of their original digestive aids and enzymes. In this condition, milk and dairy products become mucus producers, coating the colon and obstructing the natural elimination process.

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