Herbal Fiberblend Raspberry


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Herbal Fiberblend’s main source of fiber is psyllium, providing both types of fiber:
Soluble fiber becomes gel-like, slowing both digestion and the absorption of blood sugar.
Insoluble fiber bulks up stool, providing an intestinal-wall scrubber.

The herbal blend includes:

  • Violet leaves that contain unique compounds known as cyclotides, which help to expel parasites
  • Capsicum, aka cayenne pepper, that provides an inflammation-inhibiting neuropeptide called capsaicin
  • Several herbs that have a laxative effect to promote regular bowel movements

It takes three days for food to travel through the body of a healthy adult. It takes ten days if you’re constipated, and two weeks if you’re elderly. The longer it takes for food to pass through the bowel, the greater your risk for developing digestive ailments.

Herbal Fiberblend contains all of this to assist your colon function. Each container contains 375 grams