Propeas Protein Powder

Looking For A High Protein Supplement

Unique Protein Supplement Stimulates Lean Muscle Mass And Metabolic Rate Without The Issues Caused By Soy Or Whey!

Protein is an important component in any muscle building or weight management program. It is well known that increasing protein helps speed up the body metabolism. This means we burn more fat and convert fat into Lean Muscle Mass. The Challenge is that Whey products come from cows, and may cause a range of allergies, while soy uses hexane, a dangerous chemical to remove fat in processing. Many have problems with these forms of protein for good reason. Whey is particularly acidic, and this can lead to inflammation and eventually illness. Soy is almost always genetically modified, and treated with dangerous solvents during processing

Why Propeas?

Propeas is made from peas. It gives a feeling of fullness, so vital for weight control, and it takes 4 hours to digest s single serving. Helps control eating.

Propeas increases our metabolic rate. As we age, this slows, leading to excess weight and difficulty building muscle fiber. The Thermal Effect (TEF) measures the increase in metabolic rate with the ingestion of food. Protein has a TEF of 25%, compared to 3% for fats. Snacking on Propeas through the day can keep your metabolic rate high.

Propeas supports development of Lean Muscle Mass. Studies sho those with higher levels are able to maintain consistent weight long after dieting.

Whey Protein comes from Cow’s Milk. Dairy accounts for 90% of all food allergies. Whey contains Cysteine and Methoinine which acidify the body.

Soy. 89% of all Soy is Genetically modified to be resistant to roundup, a common herbicide. Soyabeans are high in fat and require a lipid solvent, usually hexane, to remove fat. Traces remain and they are carcinogenic.

Combined with AIM Leafgreens, Propeas gives excellent support to the liver, providing the correct ratio of amino acids for efficient liver function.

 Recommended Servings

Age Recommended Servings Protein From Propeas Daily Reference Intake
Adolescents 1 12g 34g
Adults 2 24g 46-56g
Pregnant/Lactating 3 36g 71g
Athletes 4 48g 89-140g

AIM Propeas comes in a 456 gram powder. The retail cost is $58.50. Our price is just $45